Law Enforcement - Basic Recruit Training - 50250

770 clock hours

(Selective Admission)

Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Training prepares students as entry level law enforcement officers in the State of Florida. Practical skills and simulated activities compliment the classroom instruction. Upon successful completion, students are eligible to take the Florida Department of Law Enforcement State Certification Examination. This minimum standards class is regulated by Florida Statutes and is a highly structured and disciplined program with special rules, policies, and procedures.

Gainful Employment

Degree Requirements

Required program:

CJK 0001Introduction to Law Enforcement (N)

10 hours

CJK 0012Legal (N)

62 hours

CJK 0013Interactions in Diverse Community (N)

40 hours

CJK 0014Interview and Report Writing (N)

56 hours

CJK 0064Fundamentals of Patrol (N)

35 hours

CJK 0065Calls for Service (N)

36 hours

CJK 0077Criminal Investigations (N)

50 hours

CJK 0078Crime Scene to Courtroom (N)

35 hours

CJK 0092Critical Incidents (N)

44 hours

CJK 0087Traffic Stops (N)

30 hours

CJK 0084DUI Traffic Stops (N)

24 hours

CJK 0088Traffic Crash Investigations (N)

32 hours

CJK 0020CCMS Vehicle Operations (N)

48 hours

CJK 0031First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers (N)

40 hours

CJK 0040CCriminal Justice Firearms (N)

80 hours

CJK 0051Defensive Tactics (N)

80 hours

CJK 0422Dart-firing Stun Gun (N)

8 hours

CJK 0096Criminal Justice Officer Physical Fitness Training (N)

40 - 60 hours