Turf Equipment – Applied Technology Diploma

B0030 - 38 Credits

The Applied Technology Diploma in Turf Equipment Management provides excellent preparation for a career dedicated to the repair and maintenance of highly specialized equipment. Students are trained to repair and maintain all types of equipment and to organize and manage maintenance facilities.

Degree Requirements

Select 38 Credits From The Following:

CGS 1100Introduction to Computer Applications for Business (P)

3 credits

DIM 1001Introduction to Diesel Engines (O)

4 credits

GCO 1214Preventative Maintenance (O)

3 credits

GCO 1400Turfgrass for Golf and Landscaping (O)

3 credits

GCO 1942Field Training in Turf Equipment Management (O)

3 credits

GCO 2632Golf Course Organization and Administration (O)

3 credits

GCO 2945Supervised Work Experience (O)

1 - 4 credits

MNA 2932Professional Development

.5 - 5 credits

PMT 1120Electric Welding I (O)

4 credits

PMT 1128Combination Welding I (O)

4 credits

SPN 1000Spanish for Daily Use I (O)

2 credits