Associate in Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services

Degree Requirements

General Education - English

ENC 1101English Composition I

3 credits

General Education - Humanities/Fine Arts

See Associate in Science Associate in Applied Science Degree General Education Options           3 credits

    (PHI-1635 Recommended)


General Education - Natural Science/Mathematics

BSC 1084Survey of the Human Body

4 credits


BSC 2094Anatomy and Physiology II

3 credits


BSC 2094LAnatomy and Physiology II Lab

1 credit


MAC 1105College Algebra

3 credits


General Education - Social/Behavioral Science

PSY 2012Introduction to Psychology

3 credits


SYG 2000Introduction to Sociology

3 credits

General Education courses may be taken prior to acceptance into the program or must be completed while enrolled in the program.

Major Field Required Courses - 52 credits

EMS 1119CEmergency Medical Technician

8 credits

EMS 1431EMT Lab/Clinical/Field Experience

3 credits

EMS 2601CParamedic I

11 credits

EMS 2602CParamedic II

10 credits

EMS 2664Paramedic Clinical/Field Experience I

5 credits

EMS 2665Paramedic Clinical/Field Experience II

6 credits

EMS 2659Paramedic III

6 credits

Also choose:

CGS 1060College Computing

3 credits


CGS 1100Introduction to Computer Applications for Business

3 credits

Major Field Electives - Select 5 credits

any EMS, FFP, or General Education courses 5 credits