Career and Transfer Services

With thousands of careers to choose from, many students find the selection overwhelming. For this reason, IRSC provides professional career counseling, interest surveys, and an assessment of skills and abilities through Career and Transfer Services located at all IRSC campuses.

An extensive library of books, magazines and pamphlets offers a wealth of information on existing jobs, the outlook for future employment, the qualifications and characteristics that each job demands, and the rewards and drawbacks of those occupations.

Career - Transition Services workroom
Choices, CareerScope and Bridges software are available to help students increase their self-awareness, develop career decision-making skills and education plans. Support is also provided through the Florida Virtual Campus for students at which links academic data for all public universities, state college and community colleges in the State of Florida.

Career and Transfer Services also assist students, alumni and IRSC employees in securing employment in the field of study for which they are trained. Services include:

  • assistance in preparing employment applications
  • resumes and cover letters
  • developing interviewing techniques and preparation
  • disseminating employer information
  • facilitating direct job referrals
  • furnishing resumes to potential employers.

Using the Career Portfolio online tool, students can document jobs and internships, record references, and upload their resume to potential employers. A current listing of job openings in the local area is available online and is posted at all IRSC campuses.