Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer - 50040

360 clock hours

(Selective Admission)

This program provides training to students seeking positions as auxiliary law enforcement officers within law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement auxiliary officers supplement an agency work force and provide personnel for special assignment activities and details. Per Florida State Statute 943.10(8), "Auxiliary law enforcement officer" means any person employed or appointed, with or without compensation, who aids or assists a full-time or part-time law enforcement officer and who, while under the direct supervision of a full-time or part-time law enforcement officer, has the authority to arrest and perform law enforcement functions.

There are five primary steps to becoming a certified officer in Florida:

  1. Meet the minimum qualifications pursuant to s. 943.13, Florida Statutes
  2. Complete the required training or be exempt pursuant to s. 943.131(2), Florida Statutes for the respective discipline.
  3. Pass the State Officer Certification Examination for the respective discipline. The fee for the State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE) is $100. Please note that additional fees may be assessed by the test sites; consult the list of authorized test sites for specific fees.
  4. Gain employment with a Florida criminal justice employing agency with that agency completing a full background investigation and submitting an Officer Certification Application form CJSTC-59 on the officer’s behalf.
  5. Have the employment file reviewed by Commission staff to ensure compliance.

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Degree Requirements

Required program:

CJK 0023Introduction to Law Enforcement (N)

4 hours

CJK 0024Legal Concepts (N)

20 hours

CJK 0025Patrol & Professional Communication (N)

12 hours

CJK 0026Interactions in a Diverse Community (N)

12 hours

CJK 0027Calls for Service (N)

24 hours

CJK 0028Traffic Stops and Crash Investigation (N)

28 hours

CJK 0029Crime Scene and Courtroom Procedures (N)

8 hours

CJK 0421Conducted Electrical Weapon/Dart Firing Stun Gun (N)

4 hours

CJK 0031First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers (N)

40 hours

CJK 0040CCriminal Justice Firearms (N)

80 hours

CJK 0051Defensive Tactics (N)

80 hours

CJK 0020CLaw Enforcement Vehicle Operations (N)

48 hours