Clark Advanced Learning Center Faculty

Jennifer N. Bartow

B.S., University of Tampa

M.S., Florida Atlantic University

Barry N. Bicksler

B.Ed., Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

M.A.T., University of Montana

Juan D. Escandon

M.A., Mississippi State University

M.A., Southern New Hampshire University

Sean Fears

M.Eng., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Alexandria Gribble

A.A., Indian River State College

B.A., Florida Atlantic University

M.F.A., Academy of Art University

M.F.A., Digital Media Arts College

Anna C. Hutcheson

A.A., Indian River Community College

B.A., Florida Atlantic University

M.A., Florida Atlantic University

Tiffany L. Jones

B.A., University of Florida

M.Ed., University of Florida

Ed.S., University of Florida

Walter H. Judd

B.A., University of Central Florida

M.A., University of Florida