Diversified Career Technology – 50600

(1200 clock hours)

This program provides students with selected occupational skills through employment related instruction and paid, on-the-job training supervised by an employer and a teacher/coordinator. Employment related classroom instruction leads to competencies in health, safety, and environmental issues; professional, legal, and ethical issues; finance, leadership, communication, labor and human resources, economics, entrepreneurship, career planning, technology, management, and technical and production skills. The combination of classroom and on-the-job training allows students to develop a variety of workplace competencies and transferable skills as well as developing students who will be motivated, self-disciplined individuals; caring, responsible, life-long learners; flexible and committed to technical competencies; and skillful at social interactions, leadership, and problem-solving.

Degree Requirements

Required program:

VPI V523Work Certified (O)

90 hours

VPI V940Diversified Career Technology (O)

210 hours

VPI V403Diversified Career Technology Applications (O)

300 hours

VPI V404Diversified Career Technology Management (O)

600 hours