Law Enforcement Officer Crossover from Correctional Officer - 50420

(457 clock hours - Selective Admission)

This program prepares the Florida certified Correctional Officer for certification as a Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Florida as mandated by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. The training program focuses on the skills and techniques specifically related to the duties and responsibilities of the Law Enforcement Officer. Upon successful completion, students are eligible to take the Florida Department of Law Enforcement State Certification Examination.

Degree Requirements

Required program:

CJK V221Correctional Crossover to L.E. Introduction and Legal (O)

47 hours

CJK V222Correctional Crossover to L.E. Communications (O)

56 hours

CJK V223Correctional Crossover to L.E. Human Issues (O)

32 hours

CJK V061Patrol I (O)

58 hours

CJK V062Patrol II (O)

40 hours

CJK V076Crime Scene Investigations (O)

24 hours

CJK V071Criminal Investigations (O)

56 hours

CJK V082Traffic Stops (O)

24 hours

CJK V083DUI Traffic Stops (O)

24 hours

CJK V086Traffic Crash Investigations (O)

32 hours

CJK V212Cross-Over Correctional to CMS L. E. High Liability (O)

8 hours

CJK V422Dart-firing Stun Gun (O)

8 hours

CJK V020CCMS Vehicle Operations (O)

48 hours