Plumbing Apprenticeship - 50310

(8400 clock hours)

This apprenticeship is delivered in partnership with State of Florida registered apprenticeship sponsors, and prepares students for advancement as residential or commercial plumbers in the construction industry. The program utilizes a cooperative method of instruction, requiring on-the-job training for which the student receives compensation, and classroom instruction.

Degree Requirements

Required program:

BCA V441Plumbing On-the-Job Training (O)

640 hours

BCA V001Introduction to Building Trades Apprenticeship (O)

36 hours


BCA V400Building Trades Apprenticeship - Plumbing (O)

54 hours


BCA V450Introduction to Pipe Trades I (O)

90 hours

BCA V451Introduction to Pipe Trades 2 (O)

90 hours

BCA V452Introduction to Pipe Trades 3 (O)

90 hours

BCA V453Plumbing Technology 4 (O)

90 hours

BCA V454Plumbing Technology 5 (O)

90 hours

BCA V455Plumbing Technology 6 (O)

90 hours

BCA V456Plumbing Technology 7 (O)

90 hours

BCA V457Plumbing Technology 8 (O)

90 hours

BCA V441 Plumbing On-the-Job Training: This course is repeated twelve (12) times throughout the program to document the on-the-job requirement for apprentices.