Every effort is made at IRSC to provide a high quality education at a reasonable cost. Many financial aid and scholarship programs are available to eligible students to assist with the financing of their college education at IRSC.

Up to 5% of each student’s matriculation fee per credit hour is applied toward scholarships.

The fee schedule in effect at IRSC as of August, 2011, is listed below. These fees should be considered approximate cost estimates. All fees listed are subject to change at any point during the Catalog year.


Florida Resident Non-Florida Resident Tuition


$110.03/cr. hr. $509.53/cr. hr.

Advanced and Professional

$99.22/cr. hr. $378.08/cr. hr.

Postsecondary Vocational

$99.22/cr. hr. $378.08/cr. hr.

Educator Preparatory

$99.22/cr. hr. $378.08/cr. hr.

College Preparatory

$99.22/cr. hr. $378.08/cr. hr.
Postsecondary Adult Vocational $2.49/contact hr. $9.92/contact hr.
Continuing Workforce Education $8.00/contact hr. $16.00/contact hr.

Vocational Preparatory

$30.00/term $120.00/term

Adult General Education

$30.00/term $120.00/term

Recreational and Leisure Time

$1.00/contact hr. $1.00/contact hr.

Fielden Institute

$7.50/contact hr. $7.50/contact hr.