Transportation and Parking

Most students who attend IRSC travel to campus via a motor vehicle. Students driving vehicles on the IRSC campus should review and familiarize themselves with the Traffic and Parking regulations in the IRSC Student Handbook/Planner that is available at:

  • Student Orientation sessions
  • Student Services
  • Student Affairs/Student Activities
  • on the Web at

Vehicles parked at the IRSC Main Campus in Fort Pierce must display an IRSC parking decal. Decals are available (at no charge) in the Student Affairs Office in the Koblegard Student Union. Students should pay particular attention to parking spaces marked RESERVED; these spaces are not for student use. Students parking in a marked RESERVED space may be ticketed and/or towed away by a private towing service.

Students MAY park in a designated RESERVED parking space after 5:00 p.m. or on a Saturday or Sunday.

Unauthorized parking in:

  • marked handicapped only spaces
  • fire lanes
  • loading zones
  • service vehicle parking spaces
  • on the grass or sidewalks
  • any area marked with yellow striping

is prohibited at all times and may subject a violator to ticketing and/or towing of the vehicle.

Parking and traffic control regulations are established to regulate the safe flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Drivers must adhere to all posted traffic control regulations and any verbal traffic directions of a College Security Officer. College Security Officers are authorized by Florida State Statute and the District Board of Trustees to enforce parking and traffic regulations and issue citations for violations. Failure to adhere may result in ticketing, towing or suspension of driving privileges on the Campus.

Failure to satisfy outstanding traffic violations may result in suspension of registration privileges and/or denial of an official transcript.