PET/CT Advanced Technical Certificate

40100 - 12 Credits

(Selective Admission)

The PET/CT Advanced Technical Certificate program provides the Nuclear Medicine Technologist or Radiation Therapist online courses in cross-sectional anatomy, PET/CT procedures, (PET/CT) physics, instrumentation, quality control, radiopharmaceuticals, and radiation protection. Upon successful completion, students are eligible to take the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board PET exam.

Degree Requirements

Major Field Required Courses - 12 credits

NMT 2710Introduction to PET/CT (O)

3 credits

NMT 2573PET/CT Physics and Instrumentation (O)

3 credits

NMT 2310PET/CT Quality Control and Radiation Safety (O)

3 credits

RTE 2762Cross-Sectional Anatomy (O)

3 credits