Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Organizational Management


120 Credits

The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) in Organizational Management provides access to students who already have skills in a technical area and wish to advance to higher level supervisory and management positions within business, industry, and governmental organizations. This upper-level coursework of the B.A.S. program will broaden students’ knowledge in applied management practices and will prepare them for supervisory and management opportunities within their chosen field through one of the two specialized concentrations: Organizational Management or Health Care Management.

Refer to General Education Requirements for additional requirements.

Transfer from Associate Degree: 42 credits

General Education Requirement : 36 credits

Organizational Management Core Courses : 18 credits

Major Concentration Courses : 24 credits


Degree Requirements

Core Courses (18 credits)

BUL 3130Legal and Social Aspects of Business (U)

3 credits

ISM 3011Introduction to Management Information Systems (U)

3 credits

MAN 3240Organizational Behavior (U)

3 credits

MAN 3303Management and Leadership (U)

3 credits

MAN 4301Human Resource Management (U)

3 credits

FIN 3400Financial Management (U)

3 credits


ACG 3024Accounting for Non-Financial Majors (U)

3 credits