Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Apprenticeship – 50010

(8400 clock hours)

This program is offered in partnership with State of Florida registered apprenticeship sponsors and prepares students for advancement in the air-conditioning, refrigeration, and heating trades. The program utilizes a cooperative method of instruction, requiring on-the-job training for which the student receives compensation, and classroom instruction.

Degree Requirements

Required program:

BCA V001Introduction to Building Trades Apprenticeship (O)

36 hours


ACR V980Building Trades Apprenticeship - HVAC (O)

54 hours


ACR V940Apprenticeship HVAC 1 (O)

90 hours

ACR V941Apprenticeship HVAC 2 (O)

90 hours

ACR V942Apprenticeship HVAC 3 (O)

90 hours

ACR V943Apprenticeship HVAC 4 (O)

90 hours

ACR V944Apprenticeship HVAC 5 (O)

90 hours

ACR V945Apprenticeship HVAC 6 (O)

90 hours

ACR V947Apprenticeship HVAC 7 (O)

90 hours

ACR V948Apprenticeship HVAC 8 (O)

90 hours

ACR V946Apprenticeship HVAC On-the-Job Training (O)

640 hours

ACR V946: Apprenticeship HVAC On the Job Training: *This course is repeated twelve (12) times throughout the program to document the on-the-job requirement for apprentices.