Culinary Operations Apprenticeship - 50080

(6336 clock hours)

This program is an in-depth study intended to prepare the student for all aspects of food service, including cooking and baking techniques, nutrition guidelines, and sanitation principles. National culinary standards will be incorporated into on-the-job training and classroom instruction.

Degree Requirements

Required Program:

HMV V940Apprenticeship - Culinary Arts - Sanitation (O)

96 hours

HMV V947Apprenticeship - Culinary Arts - Equipment Operations (O)

96 hours

HMV V944Apprenticeship - Culinary Arts - Nutrition Principles (O)

96 hours

HMV V945Apprenticeship - Culinary Arts - Cost Control (O)

96 hours

HMV V946Apprenticeship - Culinary Arts - Specialty Techniques (O)

96 hours

HMV V948Culinary Arts - Management and Entrepreneurship (O)

96 hours

HMV V943Apprenticeship - Culinary Arts On-the-Job Training (O)

640 hours

HMV V943 Apprenticeship – Culinary Arts: *This course is repeated nine (9) times throughout the program to document the on-the-job requirement for apprentices.