Withdrawal and Forgiveness Policy

A student may repeat a college credit course in which a grade of D, F, I, U, or W was earned two additional times for a total of three attempts. Grade forgiveness means that the student’s grade point average will be calculated based upon the final grade earned in the course, provided it is not a W. If a student repeats a course resulting in a withdrawal, then the grade earned in the previous attempt will be used in the GPA calculation. Federal Financial Aid rules do not use grade forgiveness in Standards of Academic Progress.

Withdrawals of any kind, including Instructor Withdrawals, are not permitted for the student’s third attempt in a course. Courses taken at institutions other than IRSC will not be counted as attempts.

Students who take a college credit course for the third time will be assessed full instructional costs. Students with extenuating circumstances may appeal the full instructional costs. If approved, the student will be assessed at the regular tuition rate.