Career Development Program

Since 1979, women and men throughout the Research Coast have participated in the services provided through the Career Development Program. The program was established to assist people in obtaining the skills and confidence necessary when entering the workforce or returning to school.

The Career Development Program includes the Professional Career Program, one credit self-enrichment classes, the Displaced Homemaker Program and the Equity for Non-Traditional Careers Program. The aim of the program is to assist individuals by providing information on alternatives available to them at the College and in the community so that they can achieve their potential. Some of the services offered are referrals, career counseling, financial aid information, tuition assistance, and the 24 credit hour Professional Career Program in Business Management.

The Equity for Non-Traditional Career Program provides tuition assistance to individuals in the greatest financial need who are seeking the necessary education to pursue high-wage, non-traditional occupations. Women and men seeking non-traditional occupation degree programs or vocational certificate programs may benefit from this program. The Displaced Homemaker Program assists women and men who meet the Florida statute requirements and may be eligible for funding for tuition, books, and other services necessary to become self-sufficient. One of the criteria is that the student must be at least 35 years of age to qualify. The Displaced Homemaker and Equity counselors create an informal partnership with the students as advocates and mentors to promote success in reaching education and career goals.