Catalog 2012-2013

Student Activities

CCG studentsAlthough classes and coursework are the top priorities at IRSC, they are only one part of the student’s education. The mission of the Student Activities Department is to “Develop the Whole Student”. IRSC offers 60+ on-campus clubs for just about every interest, opportunities to develop leadership skills, professional and honorary societies and a well-respected intercollegiate sports program. Campus activities are meant to enhance and expand the total learning experience available to all IRSC students. All students are encouraged to participate in the activities of their choice. IRSC clubs and organizations are governed by Board policies and administrative procedures to ensure compliance with state and local laws and promote the safe and efficient operation of the college. Students can refer to the Student Handbook/Planner for a listing of these procedures or visit the Student Activities Office located in the Koblegard Student Union on the Main Campus in Fort Pierce. Information is also available online at, click on Students on the menu bar, then scroll down and click on the Student Activities link under the Support Services heading.

Each year at the beginning of Fall Semester, a Student Leadership Conference is conducted to encourage the development of leadership skills. Incoming freshmen who have been recommended by their high school counselors and other interested students who plan to attend IRSC during the Fall Semester are invited to participate. Students who attend the conference are then eligible to become a part of the Student Leadership Institute which is a series of workshops held throughout the school year. Students are also required to participate in community service activities.