Catalog 2012-2013

Campus Coalition Government

Int Week OlympicsThe Campus Coalition Government (CCG) is the official student government of Indian River State College. The CCG is a member of the Florida Junior College Student Government Association and was named the “Best College Student Government Association in the State” in 1993, 2001 and 2002 by Florida Leader magazine.

Representatives who serve as members of the Campus Coalition Government are elected or appointed to represent each of the student clubs on campus. Communication is a key purpose of the CCG. It serves as the coordinating board between the various groups of students on campus and the administration of the college. All student activities must have the approval of the CCG to coordinate their events and place them on the calendar. The CCG holds its formal general assembly meetings on alternating Wednesdays (see Student Handbook/Planner or online at and click on Students on the menu bar, then scroll down and click on the Student Activities link under the Support Services heading for dates and locations).