Student Ombudsman

Indian River State College has a Student Ombudsman Office which helps students to understand College policies and procedures, facilitates communication, and assists in conflict resolution apart from engagement in the College's formal grievance procedures. The Student Ombudsman Office provides an initial point of contact to ensure student concerns and appeals regarding issues such as student's access to courses, credit granted toward the degree, and other matters are referred to the appropriate department to be resolved in a prompt, efficient and impartial manner. Through the Student Ombudsman Office, IRSC seeks to ensure that all students are treated in a fair and equitable manner.

The Student Ombudsman assists students by:

  • Listening and helping to resolve student concerns or complaints.
  • Clarifying College policies and procedures.
  • Answering questions.
  • Referring issues and concerns to the appropriate department or office.
  • Helping define available options.
  • Recommending revisions in College policies and procedures when appropriate.
  • Maintaining open and constructive communications.
  • Providing students with information and notification regarding opportunities for assistance and appeal, including the College's formal grievance procedures.

The IRSC Director of Student Development serves and the College Ombudsman, and is accountable to the President and Vice President of Student Affairs. The Student Ombudsman can be reached at (772) 462-7476 or