Landscape and Horticulture Professional Certificate

60230 - 18 Credits

Students who complete this certification will gain advanced knowledge suitable for many facets of the Landscape and Horticulture industry. Upon completion, students will have a strong understanding of horticultural practices, an understanding of soil properties, fertility management and its environmental impacts, insect and disease identification and management, as well as basic business skills.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

GEB 1011Introduction to Business

3 credits


MNA 2932Professional Development

.5 - 5 credits

HOS 1010Fundamentals of Horticulture

3 credits

LDE 1000Principles of Landscape Design

3 credits

ORH 1510Plant Identification

3 credits

PMA 2211Insects and Diseases of Ornamental Plants

3 credits

SWS 2104Soils and Fertilizers

3 credits