A full (100%) refund of matriculation, tuition and other fees will be granted to a student only under the following circumstances:

  1. A student officially drops a class prior to the published Drop Deadline for the Full Term and Express Schedule.
  2. A student officially drops a Special Registration class prior to the published Drop Deadline. A Special Registration class is defined as a class with beginning and ending dates that do not coincide with the beginning and ending dates published for the Full Term Schedule.
  3. A student is registered for a class that is cancelled by the College.
  4. A student is called to active military duty and officially withdraws from classes. The student must present his or her formal “Orders to Report for Duty”.

A student receiving Financial Aid may receive refunds based on the Federal Refund regulations.

Other than the four conditions stipulated above, the only other refund requests considered by the College will be those in which there are extraordinary circumstances absolutely beyond the student’s control that are supported by third party documentation.

Students who believe their situation qualifies for consideration and review have one year from the date of withdrawal to submit a Refund Request and any pertinent documentation to the relevant Provost or Dean. The Provost or Dean will then make their recommendation to their respective Vice President. Students will be informed of the decision.

The process of refunding fees for classes begins as soon as possible following the published Drop Deadline for that semester and continues on a periodic basis for the remainder of that semester. Any monies owed to the College by a student will be deducted before a refund is issued.

Refunds will be mailed 2 - 4 weeks after the Drop Period ends.

Individuals can refer to the District Board of Trustees policy Manual, 6Hx11-7.14, for detailed information regarding student refunds.