Advanced Esthetics - 50730

600 clock hours

This program is a continuation of the Cosmetology Specialist - Facials program. A student completing the Advanced Esthetics program is prepared for employment as a licensed Facials/Skin Care Specialist within the spa industry, medical offices including dermatologic and plastic surgeons, and the new medi-spa industry. The program is designed for registered Facials/Skin Care Specialist who wishes to add training to update their skills and become current with the new trends in the field of esthetics. It will help meet rising consumer demand for personalized care and therapeutic treatment by highly skilled skin care professionals.

Gainful Employment

Degree Requirements

Required program

CSP V105Advanced Skin Care I (N)

150 hours

CSP V106Advanced Skin Care II (N)

150 hours

CSP V264Advanced Skin Care III (N)

150 hours

CSP V501Advanced Skin Care IV (N)

150 hours