Masonry Apprenticeship - 50560

6000 clock hours

This program is delivered in partnership with State of Florida registered apprenticeship sponsors, and prepares students for advancement in the masonry industry. The program utilizes a cooperative method of learning, requiring on-the-job training and classroom instruction, providing the student with theoretical and practical skills necessary in the masonry trades.

Degree Requirements

Required program:

BCA V150Masonry I (N)

80 hours

BCA V151Masonry II (N)

80 hours

BCA V152Masonry III (N)

80 hours

BCA V153Masonry IV (N)

80 hours

BCA V154Masonry V (N)

80 hours

BCA V155Masonry VI (N)

80 hours

BCA V160Apprenticeship - Masonry On-the-Job Training (N)

600 - 640 hours

BCA V160 Apprenticeship - Masonry: This course is repeated nine (9) times throughout the program to document the on-the-job requirement for apprentices.