Developmental Education

Indian River State College encourages all students to take advantage of placement testing to ensure appropriate placement into developmental or college-level courses in English, reading, and math. The P.E.R.T. is administered by IRSC for this purpose.

Students who present ACT scores of Reading 19, English 17, Math 19 or SAT scores taken before March 1, 2016, of Verbal 440, Math 440 or higher, or SAT scores taken after March 1, 2016, of Critical Reading 24 or higher, Math 24 or higher, may be exempt from taking the P.E.R.T.

Students who graduated from a Florida public high school since 2007 and students who are serving as an active duty member of any branch of the United States armed services are exempt from mandatory placement testing.

A student must progress from developmental to college-level coursework within two attempts in each of the courses. The full cost of instruction shall be based on the system wide average of the prior year's cost of undergraduate programs for the Florida College System institutions and the state universities. Students with documented extenuating circumstances may file an appeal of the full cost of instruction with the Assistant Dean of Enrollment and Student Services or any Campus Provost. Developmental courses may not be used to meet degree requirements.

Alternative instructional opportunities are available for developmental instruction. Information is available at Contact Your Advisor.