Healthcare Informatics Specialist Certificate

60660 - 24 Credits

(Selective Admissions)

This program prepares students for employment in various healthcare settings as entry-level data analysts who are capable of acquiring, managing, analyzing and presenting data so that better clinical and business decisions can be made.  This certificate is also a great supplement to HIM professionals and other health care personnel who want to increase their data management and analytic skills.  The course content includes medical terminology, health care delivery systems, electronic health record systems, data management and analysis, ethical and legal concepts, health data content, statistics, and employability skills.

Degree Requirements

Major Field Required Courses - 24 credits

HIM 1000Introduction to Health Information Management

3 credits

HIM 1012Legal Aspects of Health Information

3 credits

HIM 1510CHealth Care Data Analysis

3 credits

HIM 2112Electronic Health Record and Technology

3 credits

HIM 2211Health Information Systems

3 credits

HIM 2400Alternative Health Care Settings

3 credits

HIM 2506Quality Assessment

2 credits

HIM 2805LProfessional Practice Experience I

1 credit

HSC 2531Medical Terminology I

3 credits