Barbering - 50410

1200 clock hours

Upon successful completion, this program enables students to sit for the State Barber licensing exam.

Applicants must complete at least 1000 hours of training at a Florida barbering school and be determined competent by a school official to sit for the barbering exam OR applicants must complete a minimum of 1200 hours of training at a Florida school. For barbers who complete their education in Florida, ensure that the school official signs the portion of the application verifying a minimum of 1000 barbering hours and the completion date. The current fee for the Barber application is $173.50. If you submit the application after March 31, 2020 the fee will be $223.50. For more information, please visit

Gainful Employment

Degree Requirements

Required program:

COS 0502Barbering I: Theory of Barbering (N)

450 hours

COS 0521Barbering II: Applied Skills and Tactics (N)

450 hours

COS 0553Barbering III: Skillset Review (N)

300 hours