District Board of Trustees

The District Board of Trustees of Indian River State College
is appointed by the Governor of the State of Florida and
represents Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, and St. Lucie counties.


J Conrado

José L. Conrado, Chair, Indian River County


Photo of Sandra Krischke 

Sandra J. Krischke, Vice Chair, St. Lucie County 


Photo of Susan R. Caron - Trustee 

Susan R. Caron, St. Lucie County


Photo of Vicki Davis

Vicki H. Davis, Martin County


Photo of Mark A. Feurer - Trustee

Mark A. Feurer, Indian River County


Anthony George

Anthony D. George Jr., Martin County

Christa Luna 

Christa Luna, Okeechobee County

Photo of Phoebe H. Raulerson - Trustee 

Phoebe H. Raulerson, Okeechobee County

Brant Schirard 

J. Brantley Schirard Jr., St. Lucie County

Photo of Edwin Massey 

Edwin R. Massey, Ph.D., Secretary to the Board of Trustees