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Chef's Apprentice - 60470

60470 - 12 Credits

This certificate program is part of the Culinary Management A.S. degree program and trains students in basic, entry-level skills related to the food service and hospitality industry. Content includes but is not limited to sanitation and safety; maintenance and operation of equipment; recognition and identification of foods; proper storage of foods; methods of food preparation; usage of foods; methods of cooking; communication skills; math skills; computer applications; professionalism; culinary organization; and food and beverage purchasing.

Degree Requirements

Major Field Required Courses 12 credits

CGS 1100Introduction to Computer Applications for Business

3 credits

FOS 2201Food Service Sanitation Management

3 credits

FSS 1203CQuantity Food Production I

3 credits

FSS 2251Food & Beverage Management

3 credits

FSS 1203C requires a grade of "C" or higher for successful certificate completion.