Catalog 2024 - 2025

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Applicatons

60690 - 24 Credits

This certificate program provides both theoretical knowledge as well as practical hands-on skills in operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) and their applications. Through a sequence of courses, students will be prepared to take FAA107 Commercial Remote Pilot Exam. Practical training consists of comprehensive flight training on a flight simulator, followed by indoor obstacle flight labs and finally, outdoor flight missions on the most popular drone vehicles. Students will also be introduced to the concepts, techniques, and software tools used for aerial photo and video collection and production, autonomous flight modes and operations, photogrammetry in surveying, real estate, public safety, mining, agriculture, and other popular applications of small unmanned aircraft systems.

Degree Requirements

Major Field Required Courses - 24 credits

EET 1015CDC Circuits

3 credits

ASC 1572LsUAS Indoor Flight Training

3 credits

ASC 2565FAA-107 Commercial Remote Pilot Ground School

3 credits

ASC 2573CsUAS Outdoor Flight Training

0.5 - 5

ASC 2563CApplications in Aerial Photo- and Videography

3 credits

ASC 2561CsUAS Autonomous Mission Applications

3 credits