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River Support logoStudent success is IRSC's first priority and sometimes issues outside the classroom can cause students' work inside the classroom to suffer.  The latest research on successful course completion shows that identifying a student's challenge early in the semester provides the greatest chance for success, not only in that particular course but in reaching the overall goal of graduation.

RiverSupport, the College's Retention Management System has two parts - ReachOuts and RiverSupport Resources. 

Instructors identify a student's specific challenge in a course and assist the student by sending a ReachOut to the student's advisor. The advisor contacts and works with the student to find resources that will address the challenge. Constant feedback is supplied by the advisor to the instructor until the issue is resolved.

RiverSupport Resources
RiverSupport Resources aid the student in finding resources for many different barriers to successful course completion or overall college success.  This list of campus, community, state and nationally located resources is available to students at 24/7, 365 days per year - click on the RiverSupport link at  Resources are listed by specific challenge areas making it easy to find whatever issue a student may be experiencing.