Catalog 2024 - 2025

Articulation Agreement

Articulation Agreements have been developed between Indian River State College, public school districts, other state/community colleges, and universities to ensure equitable and efficient admission and transfer of students (Florida Statute #240.107 and State Board Rule 6A-10.024). Specialized articulated agreements in program major have been established with selected universities.

Associate in Arts graduates are guaranteed the following rights under the Florida Statewide Articulation Agreement (State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.024):

  1. Admission to one of the twelve (12) state (public) universities, except to limited access programs which have additional admission requirements.
  2. Acceptance of at least 60 credit hours by the state (public) universities toward the Baccalaureate Degree.
  3. Adherence to state (public) university requirements and policies based on the catalog in effect at the time the student first entered a community/state college, provided the student maintains continuous enrollment.
  4. Transfer of equivalent courses under the Statewide Course Numbering System.
  5. Acceptance by the state (public) universities of credits earned in accelerated programs (e.g., CLEP®, AP, PEP, Dual Enrollment, Early Admission, and International Baccalaureate).
  6. No additional General Education Core requirements.
  7. Advance knowledge of selection criteria for limited access programs.
  8. Equal opportunity with native state (public) university students to enter limited access programs.

Should any guarantee be denied, students have the right of appeal. Each state (public) university and community/state college shall make available established appeal procedures through the respective articulation officers. The Vice President of Student Services is the articulation officer at Indian River State College.