Catalog 2024 - 2025

Award of Articulated Credit

IRSC may award articulated credit when validated by IRSC faculty members for student who are enrolled in a corresponding program. In some disciplines, credit may be articulated from college credit to clock hour credit or from clock hour credit to college credit.

Procedures for the award of articulated credit are as follows:

  1. Student submits a request for articulation of either credit to clock hour or clock to credit hour to the appropriate Department Chair.
  2. The Department Chair reviews the credits to determine if the articulation of credit is appropriate.
  3. After review and if approved, the Department Chair makes the recommendation to the Instructional Dean that the credit be articulated and provides a course-to-course articulated equivalency, based on equivalency of learning outcomes.
  4. If the Instructional Dean approves the request for articulation of credit, the approved request is forwarded to the Associate Dean of Enrollment and Student Services who ensures that the articulated credits are appropriately noted, via the College Records Center, to the student's academic record. There is no service charge for the posting of articulated credits.

Certain programs with specialized licensure or certification requirements may not allow for the award of articulated credit. In those cases, the student would be required to enroll in and complete the appropriate coursework in order to receive credit.

Review of all prior training for Veteran students will be completed prior to their certification for Veterans benefits.