Catalog 2024 - 2025

Award Of Credit for Technical Competencies

IRSC may award credit for technical competencies when validated by IRSC faculty members for students who are enrolled in specific programs.

Procedures for award of credit for technical competencies are as follows:

  1. Student makes a request in writing for specific course validation to the appropriate Department Chair. Support documents should be provided.
  2. The Department Chair will arrange for validation of technical competencies by challenge exam or other methods.
  3. The Department Chair will recommend to the appropriate Instructional Dean the courses corresponding to the competencies validated.
  4. The Instructional Dean will then forward recommendations to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for approval.
  5. Once approved by the Vice President, the request will be forwarded to the Graduation and Articulation office for review and submitted to Records to have credits(s) placed on the transcript.

Evaluation and award of credit for programs with licensure or certification requirements may prohibit award of credit. In those cases, the student would be required to enroll in the appropriate coursework.

Review of all prior training for Veteran students will be completed prior to their certification for any Veterans benefits.