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Students Affairs

Performing Arts students

Indian River State College resembles society as a whole. The students are treated as mature adults who are responsible for their own actions. There are rules and regulations that are followed for the benefit of all, and each person has a right to expect courtesy, integrity, and good citizenship in dealing with others.

This ideology is reflected in the IRSC Pioneer Promise:

Integrity, respect, scholarship and community are the core values that guide our conduct, performance and decisions at IRSC. As an IRSC student, I promise the following:

  1. Integrity - to lead by example and practice personal and academic honesty.
  2. Respect - to support the learning community by recognizing and respecting the rights and contributions of others.
  3. Scholarship - to value learning as my primary purpose of being a member of the IRSC community.
  4. Community - to strive to give back and embrace diversity through service and compassion for others.

Dishonesty, such as cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to the College is subject to disciplinary action. Upon enrollment at Indian River State College, all students assume the responsibility of compliance and cooperation with College and Campus Coalition Government policies, just as each student is responsible to the larger community, state, and nation in which he/she lives.

The College does not permit the possession or use of alcoholic beverages on campus or at any College function. Possession of illegal narcotics is not allowed and will result in suspension of the student from the College.

Gambling is also prohibited. Students who violate the College regulations or who display misconduct either on or off campus can expect appropriate disciplinary measures to be taken; these measures include disciplinary probation, suspension and expulsion. In all disciplinary matters, the decision of the President of Indian River State College is final.