Catalog 2024 - 2025

Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services

120 Credits

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services prepares students to work with individuals, families, dyads, and groups in a wide array of human and social services settings. The curriculum provides theoretical as well as applied training in domestic abuse, child abuse, addictions, crisis intervention, family services, high risk youth, outreach, advocacy, and human services administration.

Learning is enhanced in the state-of-the-art Human Services Suite designed to complement and facilitate practical application of skills. The Suite include a variety of individual and group therapy rooms as well as a child play therapy room and observation windows for critiquing. An Advanced Human Services Internship provides actual on-the-job work experience, further preparing students for the work place.

Requirements for graduation from the Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services are:

  1. Students must successfully complete 120 credit hours of college-level courses in the degree program, including the lower-division Associate Degree, and 45 hours of specified Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services coursework.

  2. Students must achieve a cumulative GPA of not less than a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in all courses attempted (including transfer hours, but, excluding college preparatory courses) and in all courses attempted at Indian River State College.

Refer to General Education Requirements for additional requirements.

Degree Requirements

Core Courses (24 Credits)

HUS 3300Humanistic and Existential Therapy

3 credits

HUS 3314Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy

3 credits

MHS 3460Crisis Intervention

3 credits

HUS 3340Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

3 credits

HUS 3360Sexual Abuse of Children and Adolescents

3 credits

HUS 3650Administration in Human Services

3 credits

HUS 4945Capstone - Advanced Internship in Human Services

6 credits

Additional Electives

Additional credits may be from lower or upper level courses.

Lower division coursework may be from the A.A. or A.S. degree.

It is strongly recommended that coursework include key skill-building courses with an HUS prefix.