Catalog 2024 - 2025

Fire Fighter - Emergency Medical Technician - Combined - 50860

792 hours

Selective Admission

This program provides the training required for students to become certified fire fighters as well as licensed Emergency Medical Technicians. It is not intended for those who are currently certified/licensed as either Fire Fighters or Emergency Medical Technicians. Students wishing to add an additional certification to an existing credential must enroll in either the Firefighting - Basic Recruit Training program or the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program.

This is a selective admission program. applicants must complete and pass a multi-step application process to be accepted.

Please note, each academy has a preliminary application time frame. All dates are subject to change and classes may fill prior to the end of the Preliminary Application Dateline. 

Degree Requirements

Required program

FFP 0030Firefighting Academy I (N)

191 hours

FFP 0031Firefighting Academy II (N)

301 hours

EMS 0110CEmergency Medical Technician

300 hours