Catalog 2024 - 2025

Pharmacy Technician - 50490

1050 hours

(Selective Admission)

Indian River State College awards a Certificate of Completion for the Pharmacy Technician program to each student who satisfactorily completes the required course of study. The purpose of the 1050 hour program is to provide students with the knowledge and clinical experiences to learn the technical tasks that take place in a pharmacy and work under the supervision of a Pharmacist. The IRSC Pharmacy Technician curriculum is consistent with the standards of the Florida Department of Education and Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to apply for the national pharmacy technician certification examination. Pharmacy technicians who successfully pass the exam are eligible to use the title Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).

Degree Requirements

Required program:

HSC 0003Introduction to Healthcare (N)

90 hours

HSC 0540Body Structure and Function (N)

80 hours

PTN 0000Pharmacy Technician Orientation (N)

75 hours

PTN 0032LPharmacy Operations I (N)

80 hours

PTN 0033LPharmacy Operations II (N)

80 hours

PTN 0015Pharmaceutical Calculations (N)

75 hours

PTN 0023General Pharmacology (N)

90 hours

PTN 0030Introduction to Community Pharmacy (N)

200 hours

PTN 0031Introduction to Institutional Pharmacy (N)

205 hours

PTN 0093Pharmacy Technician Review Course (N)

75 hours