Catalog 2024 - 2025

Professors Emeriti

*Charles R. Croghan, Jr.

B.A., College of Wooster

M.A., New York University

M.A.Th., Union Theological Seminary

Ed.D., Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary

Vernon H. Floyd

B.S., Florida A&M University

M.S., Indiana University

Jane B. Howard

B.S., Murray State University

M.A., Murray State University

*Helen Keller

B.A., Georgia State College for Women

M.A., University of Georgia

*Louis L. Maser

B.M.A., University of Kansas

M.M.E., University of Kansas

*Elizabeth E. Mayer

B.A., University of Tennessee - Knoxville

M.A., California State University of Los Angeles

Ed.D., Florida Atlantic University

Francenia T. Mimms

A.A., Indian River Community College

B.A., Florida Atlantic University

M.S., Nova Southeastern University

*Angelita Molnar

B.A., University of Puerto Rico

M.A., Columbia University

*Margaret Paige

B.S., Bethune-Cookman University

M.S.Ed., Indiana University

Jimmie B. Vandegrift

B.A., University of Florida

M.R.C., University of Florida

M.P.A., Georgia State University

*W. Frank Ward

B.S., Iowa State University

M.A., University of Illinois

Ph.D., Florida State University

Peter Webb

M.A., University of Memphis

*Anne Wilder

B.A., Mt. Holyoke College

*Ada Coats Williams

B.A., Florida Southern University

M.Ed., Florida Atlantic University

Reginald M. Woodall

B.A., University of Alabama

M.A., University of Alabama

Judith J. Wright

B.S., East Carolina University

M.A., East Carolina University

Ph.D., Georgia State University