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Get Your Student I.D.

To get a free IRSC Student ID, students must take a current class schedule and receipt showing payment of tuition, along with a valid photo ID, to the Student Life Office at the Massey Campus in Fort Pierce (KSU-112). Student IDs are also available, once per semester, at the branch campuses. Call the campus for availability.

A current, valid IRSC Student ID is required to check out materials from IRSC libraries, gain entry to athletic and other College events, receive various student services and utilize campus recreation facilities.

Students should always carry their IRSC Student ID as it serves to identify Indian River State College students to College employees needing verification.

There is no charge for the initial card; however, there is a $5 fee for a replacement card. It is a violation of student regulations to have two current IRSC Student ID cards in possession at any time.