Catalog 2024 - 2025

Changing Your Class Schedule

Registration periods are noted in the Academic Calendar section of this catalog. Registration is not permitted after the class begins.

Students who need to change their class schedule by adding, dropping or withdrawing from classes do so online by logging into their student portal at  Students who need assistance with changing their schedule or a demonstration of how to add/drop/withdraw from a class can schedule an appointment with their assigned Academic Advisor or utilize drop-in advising services through QLess.

When you register for courses, your are financially committing to pay for your courses. By registering for one or more courses at IRSC, you are agreeing to fulfill a financial obligation to the College, and are responsible for the payment of tuition and/or fees associated with these course(s) by personal payment or Financial Aid (scholarships, or other state or federal programs) by the established payment deadline. To not be obligated for these expenses, you must drop any unwanted courses by the end of the published drop with refund deadline or you will be personally responsible for financial payment of the costs of these courses. Failure to pay this financial obligation may result in your account being referred to a debt collection agency and reported to a credit bureau. You may also be responsible for any additional costs or collection fees incurred in the collection of any debt, as allowable by law. 

Failure to officially drop a class will result in fees being charged and either a withdrawal or a failing grade being issued, regardless of Financial Aid status. Students should refer to their schedule for the deadline to drop a class.