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Withdrawal Procedures

Withdrawal from courses will negatively impact students both academically and financially. Students who accrue excess hours in earning a degree may be subject to paying additional fees at any Florida public university.

Bright Futures Scholarship students are required to repay the tuition for any course withdrawal.

Students are required to discuss any intent to withdraw from a course with their instructor in order to avoid negative repercussions and to explore how the course might be completed through various possible options.

Students may withdraw from class and have a "W" recorded provided certain conditions are met:

  1. Student has completed the online survey requesting to withdraw from a course and discussed their desire to withdraw with their faculty member through a live meeting, online, or by phone.
  2. Withdrawals must occur according to the deadline noted in the Academic Calendar.
  3. Withdrawals from Special Registration classes must be completed prior to 70% of the course. A Special Registration class has beginning and ending dates that do not coincide with the beginning and ending dates of the Academic Calendar Term dates.
  4. Withdrawals are not permitted for a student's third attempt in any college credit course. See the Withdrawal and Grade Forgiveness Policy.
  5. Withdrawals may be completed through the student portal at or in person at any IRSC campus. The official withdrawal date is the date the withdrawal form or web entry is submitted.
  6. Students may not withdraw themselves from their last class. Total Withdrawals (meaning withdrawals from all classes, or the last remaining ungraded class in a term) must be done by an advisor.
  7. Financial Aid and Veteran students should refer to IRSC's Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid and Withdrawals - Return to Title IV .

If any of the above conditions are not met, withdrawal requests will not be processed. Students are responsible to verify that all conditions have been met and that their withdrawal request was processed.