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Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education with Reading and ESOL Endorsements - S0160

120 Credits

As an elementary teacher, you will help children gain the foundation necessary to be successful throughout their academic career. You will have the opportunity to shape lives and futures. This program will prepare you to teach various subjects to elementary-aged children*.

Requirements for graduation from the Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education with Reading and ESOL Endorsements are:

  1. Satisfactory completion of all three (3) parts of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE).

  2. A passing score on the FTCE General Knowledge (GK) Exam is a pre-requisite to EDG 4376 (GK English Language Arts and Writing), EDG 4377 (GK Math), EDG 4940 (GK Math), RED 4654 (GK Reading), and RED 4854 (GK Reading).

  3. Students must achieve a cumulative GPA of not less than a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale in all courses attempted (including transfer hours, but, excluding college preparatory courses) and in all courses attempted at Indian River State College.

  4. Successful completion of Student Teaching (EDE 4936 and EDE 4941).

  5. All Baccalaureate Education majors must achieve a grade of "C" or better in all content area courses within their declared Program of Study. Content area courses for Elementary Education with ESOL majors are: EDG 3620, EDG 4377, EDG 4376, EDG 4940, EEX 4066 and LAE 4416.

Refer to General Education Requirements for additional requirements.

Also required: Completion of all lower-division state-mandated common prerequisites including the Education prerequisites: EDF 2005.

*This program includes multiple field experience requirements in Florida schools.

Transfer from Associate Degree: 24 credits

General Education Requirement: 36 credits

Major Concentration Courses: 60 credits

Degree Requirements

Major Concentration (60 credits)

SLS 3318LOrientation to Education Programs

0 credits

EDF 3214Human Development and Learning

3 credits

RED 3342Foundations of Research Based Practices in Reading Education and Application of Instruction

3 credits

EDG 3620Curriculum and Instruction

3 credits

EDG 4410Classroom Management and Communication

3 credits

EME 3410Integrating Technology in the Classroom

3 credits

EDF 4430Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment

3 credits

EDG 4377Integrating Mathematics and Science

3 credits

EEX 4601Effective Behavioral Interventions and Practices in Exceptional Students

3 credits

TSL 4081Second Language Acquisition and Cross-Cultural Communication

3 credits

EDG 4940Integrating Mathematics and Science Practicum

1 credit

EEX 4066Educational Programming in Exceptional Student Education

3 credits

RED 4519Diagnostic and Instructional Interventions in Reading

3 credits

LAE 4416Children's Literature in Elementary Education

3 credits

EDG 4376Integrating Language Arts and Social Science

3 credits

RED 4854Reading Practicum

2 credits

RED 4654Differentiated Instruction Foundations and Applications

3 credits

TSL 4100ESOL Methods, Curriculum and Assessment

3 credits

EDE 4936Seminar in Elementary Education

3 credits

EDE 4941Internship for Elementary Education

9 credits